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Charging Bookstore Purchases to Your Student Account

The Charge-It purchasing program will allow you to charge purchases made at the Western AS Bookstore to your student account.

As a student, merchandise at the Bookstore can be charged to your student account 30 days before and after the first day of classes each quarter.

Each student has a $600.00 charging limit per quarter. This is not a revolving line of credit as it does not get replenished when your Student Account is paid.

The Student Business Office (SBO) processes all charges and the balance will appear on your account the following business day. Payments can be made in person at the Student Business Office (Old Main 110) or through the SBO website. Click here to navigate to the SBO site to find current rates associated with making payments and additional information and resources.

If utilizing financial aid to pay for bookstore charges on your student account, you must complete the Authorization to Apply Financial Aid Form on the SBO website prior to charging. Charges posted to the student account after financial aid has been distributed must be paid by the student directly to the student account through the SBO. Follow this link to complete the Authorization to Apply Financial Aid Form.

On-line and in-person purchases may be charged to your student account. For your protection you must have your Student ID card with you to apply in-store purchases to your student account.

Terms and Conditions
I understand that failure to pay may result in late fees, interest, & holds restricting registration in future terms and access to my student records and other services. I understand and agree that I will be liable for all fees of collection, including attorney fees and expenses, should it be necessary to place my account with a collection agency or an attorney. I further agree such fees may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 50% of the debt. I understand that any defaults on my account may be reported to commercial credit reporting agencies and may adversely affect my credit rating.


Contact us at asbookstore@wwu.edu for questions related to charging bookstore purchases to your student account.

Contact the Student Business Office at sbo@wwu.edu for questions about student accounts including the terms and conditions stated above. Note that the student is the primary account holder and additional forms must be completed to release financial information to other parties, including immediate family members.