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Course Material Requistitions

Submitting your Requisitions Online

Each faculty member assigned to courses receives an email that provides a link to the requisition system. If you do not receive one, please use the recover your Verba login link below to request a new link.

Course material requisitions are due by the following dates:

  • Fall Quarter: May 15th
  • Winter Quarter: October 31st
  • Spring Quarter: January 31st
  • Summer Quarter: April 25th
If no text is required for a course, please provide that information to us as well.

Requisitions submitted by the due date keep the Western Associated Students Bookstore compliant with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and Washington State's requirements. The HEOA stipulates that students must have access to course material information when making course decisions during registration. For additional information pertaining to these policies please reference the following links: HEOA, WAC, RCW.

Each faculty member assigned to courses will receive an email that provides a link to the requisition system. If you do not receive one, please use the link below to request a new link.

Interested in learning more about inclusive access options? Click HERE for an overview.

If you have any further questions, please contact us, our team is happy to help!


Use the links below to submit requisitions for course materials, recover your Verba login information, or to review due dates for coursepacks.

Course Materials Contacts

General questions | | 360.650.3970
Course Materials Manager | Samantha Steele | | 360.650.6645

Inclusive Access for Faculty

Thank you for your support of the Western Associated Students Bookstore, your independent student store since 1910! The Western A.S. Bookstore operates an auxiliary services department of the University as the only authorized seller of course materials on campus (POL-500). Our mission is to serve as an educational resource for campus, integrating with the academic community to ensure the availability of materials necessary for student development and to provide merchandise to enrich the sense of campus community.

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access is a course material offering publishers have developed to provide access through digital materials in place of printed text that provides access on the first day of classes to all enrolled students. Course material may include an e-text, or an e-text in combination with courseware (interactive learning components providing students with questions and feedback via customized software). An added benefit is there is not the need to ship physical books - lowering our carbon footprint!

Publishers offer this model at a lower cost to students than printed materials as there is a higher percentage of students purchasing in this model. The agreements with publishers for this modality are established with the premise that the IA materials are the required material for the course. The Bookstore does apply a small margin to cover expenses associated with the management of the program. The Bookstore requests publishers to provide an option of a loose-leaf supplement for use in-conjunction with the digital course in order to facilitate student choice. Note, loose-leaf materials are not always available from the publishers.

Costs associated with these materials are charged to student accounts within 10 business days of the add/drop date. This allows students to use financial aid, scholarships, and/or bridge the gap in paychecks to pay for the materials.

The Process Is Simple

  • The Bookstore works with Faculty to establish if the course materials adopted into the course will be eligible for the inclusive access program. The Bookstore then works with a publisher, Information Security, Accessibility Team, and our campus IT to integrate materials in to the LMS.
    • For new publishers or new content, please allow 6-8weeks for the review process with Information Security, Accessibility and LMS.
  • VitalSource, our middle ware provider, will work with you, the publisher, and IT to integrate your materials into Canvas for a first day ready environment.
  • We can provide scripting for you to add to your syllabus that explains how to access the materials, how to opt-out (and back-in!), and the price of the materials.
  • We also communicate to the students through bullseye messaging prior to the add/drop date, and again through their WWU emails prior to charging their accounts.

How it Works for Students

Students have access to the materials on day 1 of the term. They have free access through the add/drop date of the term. Within 10 business days after the add/drop date, their student account will be charged for the cost of the materials.

Students Who Opt-Out of Inclusive Access

Students who opt out before the deadline of the add/drop date each term will not be charged for access to the materials. As the materials required are listed as REQUIRED by the instructor, students are responsible for paying for the necessary access on their own, or students can opt back into the Inclusive Access program. The only way to opt-out of the materials is through the link in Canvas. Emailing the bookstore will not opt them out of the program. Access to materials will be turned off after the trial period. Students who opt-out of inclusive access may not have a way to complete assignments.

What if a Student Changes their Mind Before the Add/Drop Date?

They will see the acknowledgement screen every 24 hours until the add/drop date that will allow them to change their selection. They can also email for assistance.

When do I Get Access to the Modules in Canvas?

This will be dependent upon whether it is an ebook or ebook with courseware.

  • Ebook with courseware – we work with the publisher and the middleware provider VitalSource in conjunction with ATUS (when necessary) to provide support in establishing this in your Canvas course.
  • Ebook only – (this capacity needs to be confirmed with VitalSource).
  • Instructor resources are a separate component all together and are distributed to you outside of course material delivery for you to implement into your course via Canvas.

Where Do I Get Support?