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Inclusive Access / eBooks

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What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access is a course material offering publishers have developed to provide access through digital materials in place of printed text that provides access on the first day of classes to all enrolled students. Course material may include an e-text, or an e-text in combination with courseware (interactive learning components providing students with questions and feedback via customized software).

The main difference between Inclusive Access (IA) and eBooks is the integration of course materials into the institution's Learning Management System (LMS), in WWU's case the LMS is Canvas. There are some real benefits to IA including modules, activities, pre-tests, and the convenience of these resources being accessible within the LMS.

How does Inclusive Access work?

Students have access to the materials on the first day of the term through Canvas. They have free trial access through the add/drop date of the term. Within 10 business days after the add/drop date, their student account will be charged for the cost of the materials. Charging to student accounts allows students to use financial aid, scholarships, and/or bridge the gap in paychecks to pay for the materials.

Opting Out of Inclusive Access

Students who opt out before the deadline of the add/drop date each term will not be charged for access to the materials. As the materials required are listed as REQUIRED by the instructor, students are responsible for paying for the necessary access on their own, or students can opt back into the Inclusive Access program.

Students who opt-out of inclusive access may not have a way to complete assignments. Inclusive Access can integrate assignments, pre-tests, activities, etc. into Canvas- meaning that if you opt out of IA, you may not have a way to access this courseware. Please check with your professor regarding access to assignments before opting out.

The only way to opt-out of the materials is through the link in Canvas. Emailing the bookstore will not opt them out of the program. Access to materials will be turned off after the trial period.


eBooks are digital materials that you download in place of printed text. An added benefit is there is not the need to ship physical books - lowering our carbon footprint! You can purchase eBooks through the Bookstore online and instore. Online puchases can be made with a credit card or a charge to your student account and instore purchases can be made with credit card, student account charge, cash, or check.

At the time of purchase, you will be provided a unique link. This link is to be input into a web browser which will provide you a unique code and instructions on how to download your material.

What is the return policy on eBooks?

eBook return is dependent on the percent of material accessed within 14 days of purchase. This is determined by the provider of the ebook (Vital Source or Red Shelf). The bookstore cannot override the decision from the eBook provider.

I ordered online and accessed my materials, and now they aren't working. What happened?

When ordering online through the Bookstore, you will be provided instant access to the materials. If there are issues with the payment provided at the time of purchase, the access to the materials will be deactivated. You will need to place a new order with updated payment information. You can contact us at asbookstore@wwu.edu to validate it was a payment issue. If there was not a payment issue, you will need to contact the vendor.

What happens if I lose my code? How do I get a new one?

If you have lost your receipt, you can email asbookstore@wwu.edu. Please provide your name, W#, and date of purchase. Note, if the code has been accessed, a new code will have to be purchased.

Why isn't there an eBook listed for my course?

An eBook may not be associated with your course as there may not be one available or your professor has requested other modalities for this course.

Why is the eBook listed as optional for my course?

Where available, eBooks are noted as “optional” when this is an alternative product available, for example, as an alternative to a physical textbook. See your professor if you have questions on the acceptability of this product for your course.


To get support regarding inclusive access, eBooks, or other course materials, contact the Bookstore's Course Materials department at textdept@wwu.edu.